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Auto show in China and foreign countries

Posted by: Jack | 2016-08-27 11:32:02

The North American Auto Show held in the bankrupted Detroit, had attracted a lot of media attention. There were visitors appreciated the show a lot for the fine, professional and material. In addition to the new publishing models, few production cars shown on the North American Auto Show, which made the show more worth watching.

In contrast, the three major auto show in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are yearly breaking the record of the exhibition area and the models numbers. This makes visiting the show become a physical work. The show is quite lively, although with a bit fairs nature, in fact, it meets the habits and trends of domestic automobile consumption. In the global rapid growth and largest auto market, consumer demand is undoubtedly induced during the show. From this sense, even those manufacturers who want to uphold the professional car brand also difficult to be not tempted to such a strong market demand. From a fundamental sense , the businessman pursues the maximize profits while the brand and reputation are easily worth, and participating in a show can both meet these requirements, so why not join it?


As long as the market needs, nothing is impossible. Chinese consumers prefer direct contact with the real vehicle, so long as there is capacity, it must display all models, because only in this way can the consumers better understand their own brand cars, even it is not the latest. Meanwhile, the oversized booth also meet the aesthetic needs of domestic consumers. The bigger the booth, the stronger the brand. So, designating the booth before the domestic auto show becomes the most difficult thing for the show committee and major brands. And Volkswagen, General Motors and other major brands also refresh their exhibition scales each time.

This year, is the Beijing Auto Show's turn. The 2014 Beijing International Auto Show will be held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center new and old hall on April 21 -29th. The theme is "car make a better future ," which is a more open-ended theme, and the car manufacturers can bring into full play. The figure can be as the reference is that in the last 2012 Beijing International Auto Show, there were more than 2,000 exhibitors, and the exhibition area reached a record 230,000 square meters, with 1125 vehicles, 120 the world's first car displaying. In the last year, under the premise of the domestic car sales volumn both acrossed 20 million, this year's Beijing auto show major manufacturers will inevitably have to well prepare for a good show. The exhibition area is likely to break the record. Let's start now to exercise and prepare for the Beijing auto show.

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