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Alibaba will launch E-commerce sites in US

Posted by: Jenny | 2016-08-26 13:29:33

For a long time, the Chinese e-commerce businesses Alibaba which is the bridge of the Chinese suppliers and the U.S. Brands, now wants to help businesses to sell goods to U.S. Consumers.

Alibaba announced on February 11 that it will launch the first e-commerce site of its majority-owned in the United States. Alibaba is planning an initial public issue and the analysts said, its valuation may be more than 100 billion U.S. Dollars.

Alibaba 's two subsidiaries in the United States Vendio and Auctiva will soon launch a business-to- consumer website "11 Main". Alibaba said that the new website will be a boutique e-commerce platform, selling the "funny and high-quality products" from the " featured shopkeepers". In addition, Alibaba did not disclose more details about the "11 Main".

This is the latest new move for seeking the source of expanding business growth of Alibaba. Its site controls 80% of China 's e-commerce. In the previous quarter, the revenue from these websites grew more than a half, to $ 1.78 billion while its growth has slowed down since last year.

Earlier this week, Alibaba send unsolicited takeover offer, trying to privatize the Map company Autonavi. This all-cash acquisition for Autonavi's valuation is $ 1.6 billion.

This deal will allow Alibaba to expand its mobile e-commerce capabilities. In China, Alibaba also march into wealth management services and taxi applications.

Alibaba now mainly use English website Aliexpress to promote in the U.S., which is dedicated to link the U.S. companies with Chinese wholesalers. Most of Alibaba's business is in Russia, India, Chile and Brazil and other emerging markets, but also including the United States.

A person who understand the establishing process of "11 Main" warned that not to describe it as the action of Alibaba enter the United States, because although the new site is wholly owned by Alibaba, it is operated independently by two subsidiaries.

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