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Analysis of Russian market and customer

Posted by: Jenny | 2016-08-24 16:34:23

The Russian Exhibition

In recent years, Russia has become the world's fastest growing consumer goods market. Because Russia has many large cities, with the expansion of the middle class and affluent, Russians showed unprecedented enthusiasm and great potential on top brands and mid-range fashion good. Many well-known Europe exhibitions have been held in Russia has proved this point, such as the international fashion clothing exhibition, the Russian Federation / Eastern Europe / Central Asia international sports trade fairs, as well as Russia International Home and interior textiles exhibitions.

How to develop Russian customers?

I believe that every foreign trade company has its own B2B platform, and also receive inquiries from the Russian customers. The most outstanding feature on Russian quote is Russian English. It may be very difficult for many people to communicate for the first time, so it is suggested that you should use language processing software or directly communicate with each other in Russian, which will increase customer's interest. The Russian guests love to do business online with SKYPE, also with SMS (the same as our Chinese SMS). If the guests are interested in your product, they will generally give you their SKYPE ID.

How to attract Russian customers ?

How to make Russian customer accept you and your company ?

First, your company must have the full set of certificate, such as ISO, CE, etc., because the customer is very value your company's hardware capabilities.

Second, the price you quote should be fair, neither too high nor too low. Customers usually compare your product with another company, so if you give a little bit discount to them, they will buy your product. Generally speaking, if customers choose to cooperate with you, then they will usually choose your company as the long term partnership in the future. Because Russia is very troublesome for customs clearance, if they have successful cooperation with your company first time, they generally do not cooperate with other and you all the time.

Third, payment term. The large payment can select T / T (50% deposit should have a bank's guarantee) and L / C, and the small payment and those for B2C shopping mall can use PayPal. In particular, for the first cooperation Russian customer who are generally reluctant to accept the T / T payment, they will use a bank guarantee to make sure the prepaid payment or use PayPal to pay for part or full payment.

Russian character and hobbies

Generally, the Russians like drinking beer and most of the men don't like Coke but vodka which is a little higher degree than our liquor, but it is spicy. Russian people like bottoms up. If they regard you as their friend, they will bottoms up with you and drink the liqueur mixed with corn juice which means drink a few corn juice or other drinks first and then bottoms up the liqueur. 

The men in Russian are relatively macho. They treat women very gentlemanly. They usually open the door for women. Maybe influenced by Western thought, they always prefer LADY FIRST to show their gentleman. But in Russia, men generally do not do housework and they are responsible for outside job while their wives are responsible for all the housework at home which is not so good as the Chinese men.

In addition, the Russians prefer to eat fish, especially spicy fish. It is greatly relevant to the cold weather. They like steak rather than rice and soup. And for fruit, they prefer strawberries, mango, watermelon.

In short, if you recept Russian customer, you can choose fish, steak and Beijing roast duck, etc., and it will be better to send a bouquet of flowers when you pick them up in the airport. They especially like to put a bouquet of flowers in the house or in the hotel. The men especially in middle-aged like flowers.

Russian is outgoing, lively, enthusiastic and easy-going. They like to propose a toast at dinner and say a few words while each drink. But they will be very serious when doing business. They like to arrange the working schedule in advance and you must delivery the goods according to his schedule, or they will sue you default. They don’t allowed any mistake in work and if you repeatedly make mistakes, they will be very angry and accuse you all the time until you can achieve their demands.

Contract with Russia customers

Once the Russians decide to cooperate with you, they will develop a contract, which is very detailed. They will draft the contract in both English and Russian.

You should read the contract carefully and communicate with the customer if you do not understand the contract details and point the terms which is not comply with your benefit. Because you must achieve what you have promised your customers, or it will affect their clearance and they will keep get after you and even sue you.

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