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Sometime customers keep asking us problems about products but they don’t show any intention to place orders. We can't figure out how to express our thoughts to them.If you encounter such problems, you might have a look at methods below as well.1. ...Continue Reading

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People who smatter always have some misunderstandings. For example, they think people who work in broadcasting station with good voices are mostly ugly. People who work in beauty salon have perfect skin. For foreign trade, there are misunderstandings ...Continue Reading

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For the most part, when you start business with a new customers for the first time, they will ask you some questions about the products to see if you are a qualified supplier and whether you are trustworthy or not.Question: Can you tell me how many d ...Continue Reading

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You must remember that on last year's November, Indian government declared that Rs 500 and Rs 1000 rupees par value of the currency were abolished which led to the shortage of money. The whole market was paralysed and the goods overstocked.After ...Continue Reading

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Quotation is a kind of document which relates to commercial operation. As a tool of quotation, it is used to reply customers' inquiries. It is related to customers' impression on you and your company. It has a deep function – Speak for you.A ...Continue Reading

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After working for years as a salesman, my "MOMENTS" has been occupied by my customers. With the popularity of social tools, my communication with customers is no longer limited by mails and phone. Their life gradually appears in my sight, a ...Continue Reading

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This article is for those who intend to construct a website. I hope it can help you with that. 1.Choose a domain nameA good domain name can not only bring website with more hits, but also have the potential to increase in value. We should c ...Continue Reading

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We usually get carried away because of some high quality enquiries and make some mistakes that may keep you away from large orders and key customers.1.Reply too hastilyMany foreign traders find it very happy to receive enquiries and try to reply soon ...Continue Reading

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Recently I saw an article from a Trade forum:It was about that LZ wanted to rent an apartment and he found the information through an app. One day, LZ saw a suitable house on the app and he chatted with an intermediary agent Mr. Q from X housing corp ...Continue Reading

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1.Will bank accept document that dates prior to the issuance date of L/C? If yes, what's the precondition?Yes. L/C don't prohibit document that dates prior to the issuance date of L/C. 2.At what time will bank think "clean on board& ...Continue Reading
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